Rafat Aimuratov is on a crusade to save Muynak.   The former bustling fisheries hub in western Uzbekistan is ground zero in what is widely acknowledged to be among the worst environmental disasters of the past century. Decades of intensive...
The Ukrainian government has descended to the Kremlin’s level with its decision to censor Russian-owned social networks and websites, according to human rights advocates.  
The rise of Donald Trump’s administration in the United States was supposed to be a boon for Russia. Instead, it has become a source of profound disappointment for the Kremlin.  
A very public campaign against corruption in Turkmenistan is picking up steam with the issue receiving a most unusual airing in the country’s rubberstamp parliament.  
Activists and innovators are joining forces to improve watchdog capabilities in Eurasia.  
Russia’s efforts to flood the media landscape in both the United States and the European Union with hacked emails and fake news have been well documented. Less known are Russia’s own moves to drain its information space of news and facts that do not...
Erbol and Alimbek, a pair of third-graders and lifelong friends, were on their way home from school when a speeding BMW plowed into them.  
A two-day summit to unveil what China is portraying as the infrastructure project of the century concluded on May 15. The $1 trillion initiative is designed to vastly expand free trade in Africa, Asia and Europe. Realization of the plan will depend...
With an opening ceremony rich in pageantry, Azerbaijan welcomed athletes and tourists from across the Islamic world for the Islamic Solidarity Games, an Olympic-style competition opening meant to showcase the fellowship of the world’s Muslims.  
It’s not often that the leaders of democracies like Switzerland and Spain gather with the heads of repressive regimes like North Korea and Uzbekistan, but it seems no one wants to miss China’s coming-out party for its “One Belt, One Road” initiative.