The last time Armenia negotiated closer ties with the European Union, in 2013, Russia swooped in at the last minute with a better offer to join the rival Customs Union and persuaded President Serzh Sargsyan to abandon the EU deal.
Brutal winter weather in the late 2000s delivered a knockout blow to Central Asia’s unified power grid. Now, almost a decade later, tentative efforts are underway to promote a comeback of the network.  
Azerbaijan is pursuing a new agreement with the European Union focused on security, trade, and investment, and lacking the type of commitments on political reforms that scuttled the last agreement the two sides tried to reach.  
Recycling trashcans are everywhere you look at the Future Energy EXPO in Kazakhstan’s capital. For a region in which sprawling, smoldering, methane-emitting landfill sites are the norm, the message is a clear one: the future is green.  
An initiative to expand higher education opportunities in Central Asia is experiencing a bumpy start.  
In an age where sources of renewable energy are becoming an increasingly cost-efficient means of providing electricity, Russia is still going nuclear.  
As has always happened at the end of every May, Nasiba Barkasheva’s home burst with frenetic activity as the silkworm cocoon harvest reached its conclusion.  
Dr. Zemfira Alavidze’s desk was covered with a variety of antibiotics – in vials, pills and ointments – as she described the medical history of a patient, an American who had been told by other doctors that she might only have months to live.  
As Kyrgyzstan constructs a modern national identity, a social institution long considered to be a vestige of the past – lineage identity – continues to exert significant influence over the process. This fact needs to be recognized and addressed....
When Kyrgyzstan’s prime minister and presidential contender Sooronbai Jeenbekov was serving as governor of the southern Osh region from 2010 to 2015, he became an object of ridicule by some functionaries in the regional government, like Tologon...