It was almost seven years ago that Turkmenistan announced it would host the 2017 edition of the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.
When people ponder the history of Central Asia, they tend to have two ideas in mind – that the region has long been the subject of great power rivalry, known since the 19th century as the ‘Great Game,’ and that prior to that, for over 2,000 years,...
Brutal winter weather in the late 2000s delivered a knockout blow to Central Asia’s unified power grid. Now, almost a decade later, tentative efforts are underway to promote a comeback of the network.  
A very public campaign against corruption in Turkmenistan is picking up steam with the issue receiving a most unusual airing in the country’s rubberstamp parliament.  
Activists and innovators are joining forces to improve watchdog capabilities in Eurasia.  
A two-day summit to unveil what China is portraying as the infrastructure project of the century concluded on May 15. The $1 trillion initiative is designed to vastly expand free trade in Africa, Asia and Europe. Realization of the plan will depend...
It’s not often that the leaders of democracies like Switzerland and Spain gather with the heads of repressive regimes like North Korea and Uzbekistan, but it seems no one wants to miss China’s coming-out party for its “One Belt, One Road” initiative.
China’s bid to expand its economic presence in Eurasia – embodied in its “Belt and Road” initiative – requires a major upgrade of railway capacity, especially in Central Asia.
Turkmenistan has not in recent memory experienced much trouble providing its population with eggs. Until this recent holiday weekend, that is.   In the run-up to Orthodox Easter, which is celebrated in Turkmenistan by the Slavic community, eggs...
Late one evening in early April, the president of Turkmenistan emerged, dressed in a bright red tracksuit, on a garishly lit stage in the boondoggle Caspian holiday resort of Awaza.